Moon2 — Damn!Fools standard edition


Moon2 — Damn!Fools gilded edition

The second deck of top quality playing cards from Moon is printed by Legend’s on their Classic paper stock, in an edition of 600 standard decks — and 300 gilded and numbered ones.
   The tuck box is printed with red and black pantone colours on quite sturdy paper stock, it has beautiful embossing and a bit of golden foil.
    The cards are printed with the same black and red colours and also a metallic gold on both back and front.

There are two editions:
  • The standard edition — beautifully printed and packed with goodness. 
  • The gilded edition — same as the standard one, plus gilded edges of the cards and a numbered seal.

The price includes shipping. Most of the decks will be shipped from Gambler’s Warehouse in the US, but I will also be able to ship a few copies here from Moon.
    The decks are put for sale on July 17 2022 and for the first week the price will be extra low. After July 24 the standard ed. will cost $18 and the gilded $28.

The handling of these cards is absolutely unrivalled.
    Maybe it has to do with the modest use of ink, and of course the brilliant work of the good card manufacturing people from Legend’s. Whatever it is — the quality of these cards is possibly the best I’ve seen and felt myself.

The art may not be for everybody. It is quite simple collage-graphics, almost brutalistic. People who like raw graphics, though, are going to love this — no doubt!
    In making the art for this deck I have of course been inspired by a lot of art and playing cards — especially the Rixdorfer deck of playing cards from 1968.  

Use this deck for gameplay, cardistry or magic.
    I even recommend you buy a few extras to give away — I am sure that you’ll love these cards so much you’ll want to share them with your friends.