Welcome ︎︎︎ Moon Playing Cards

We come from Moon. Actually, we come from an island in southern Denmark called Møn. Moon is how we pronounce it internationally.
    It describes the area well; a place outside the main stream of normal life. Situated some 80 miles from the centre of Copenhagen, Moon historically has been an attractive place for bigtowners to give life to their dreams of a natural life. Since 1968 at least three major waves of this kind of immigration has hit the island, which has resulted in a special world-aware kind of countryfolk population. We are here because we choose to, not because we have to. Even if it wasn't such an unbelieveably beautiful place we would still love it.

Moon Playing Cards is a celebration of the good life.
    We do what we want, when and how we want it. We make the playing cards we want, the way we want them to be. This is art — this is the life.
My name is Leo Scherfig, and I’ve been working as a graphic designer for countless years (since the middle of the nineteen-nineties). Check out some of my work here: leoscherfig.dk (info in Danish).
    Most of my work revolves around printed matter; posters, books, magazines. And since 2021 playing cards.

I want my art to confront one-sentence analyzes and two-word arguments — the world where easy explanations are more important than the content, the nuances and the complicated whole.
    Art can be important. Not because it has an answer, necessarily, nor because it asks questions. But because it can teach us to look at the world — and ourselves — from new angles. If we are ever to succeed in understanding anything, it is not going to happen by reason alone. Numbers can neither describe disasters nor miracles. In order to be able to relate to the world around and within ourselves, we must be able to see, decipher and think independently — which we learn, among other things, through art.
    What I aim for is dis-information, a rejection of reason. Simple, digestable and easily explainable information is not information at all. Nothing is either simple or easy to explain. If Truth exists it must be experienced — not understood.