Good Grief

Moon5 — Limited to 30 rockin’ decks

The fifth deck of fine quality playing cards from Moon is printed by MPC on M31 linen card stock with their Beta playing card finish in an edition of only 30 decks.
   There is tasteful colour print on both tuck box and cards, mostly black and orangey red. But the special thing here are the suits. There are no spades, diamonds or clubs — instead this deck of cards utilize the new ‘Moon suits’ which are: pentacles, fire, stars and hearts.

The price includes shipping. This is a very limited edition, so I will be shipping all copies of the deck here from Moon.
   The decks are put for sale on November 9 2023.

The art is inspired by the C.B.G.B. club of Manhattan’s East Village in New York. The club is the undisputed birthplace of punk, but so much more than that. It opened in 1973 and made it’s mark on music and attitudes that still resonate today. The bands that played there were a.o. The Ramones, Television, Blondie, Bad Brains, Patti Smith Group and Talking Heads. Iggy Pop didn’t play there, but since he is the grandfather of punk, he is in this deck anyway. Johnny Thunders didn’t play there with the New York Dolls but later, with The Heartbreakers (so he’s in there too!).
    So much legendary stuff happened there, so a tribute deck of playing cards was an inspiring idea. During my work (and research) process, I’ve discovered a lot of great music that is still alive and relevant to this day, almost 50 years later. I don’t think it is actually possible to overestimate the impact this small club has had on popular culture worldwide.

The handling of these cards is totally nice. In my experience the quality of MPC printing has improved a lot in recent years.
    Whatever — these cards rock. Plus they look and feel absolutely wonderful.

Use this deck for gameplay, cardistry or even magic.
    It is recommended that you buy at least one extra deck to give away — I am sure that you’ll love these cards so much you’ll want to share them with your friends. But, hey! Don’t be greedy, there are not that many for sale in the first place. Buy only what you need now, then later maybe you’ll buy something else.

Check out this review on Youtube by the Card Guy. He is really thorough, so you’ll see all features of the deck — plus get a lot of info that he has researched himself: