Tjalle playing cards

Proto — handmade & provocative

The ‘Tjalle’ deck is more or less handmade in an edition of initially 1000 copies. But after having worked with cutting of corners, assembling of cards, glueing of tuckboxes and numbering along the way up to about 600, I gave up and trashed the remaining stock. So about 600 decks made, with every card having been touched multible times by the artist.
    I have about 100 decks left for sale. The price is including shipping.

Disclaimer: Please be aware, that this is not a deck for cardistry, magic or professional gameplay. This is great fun, do not expect anything more than that. People have been playing with this deck of cards a lot — it is not quality at all, but never the less it is greatly loved.

The art comes from a funny children’s book about a cannabis-abusing stoner rat. While making the cards I came upon the great idea of adding also a Nazi-card and a Stalin-card — which will give you yet another thing to explain while playing these cards with children.
    Warning: All text is in Danish.