Moon3 — Limited to 50 Groovy copies

The third deck of fine quality playing cards from Moon is printed by MPC on their M31 Linen card stock with their BETA playing card finish in an edition of only 50 decks.
   The tuck box is printed with red and black on matte paper stock. For the cards I used black, red and blue for the fronts and black and red for the backs.

The price includes shipping. This is a very limited edition, so I will be shipping all copies of the deck here from Moon.
   The decks are put for sale on November 9 2023.

The deck is a tribute to Copenhagen Jazz Festival. The festival was founded in 1979 and has existed ever since. It is the biggest musical event in Denmark. The greatest musicians in jazz and related genres has played the festival.
    I have been working for the festival since 2012, making all kinds of graphics. So of course I also very much wanted to make a deck of playing cards. This is my first try and it is some kind of a test. This is why there are only 50 copies made.

My approach to designing the deck was to utilize the strokes from the festival’s logo, 2-bit photographic images and a minimalistic colour-scheme. 
    The artists featured on the cards are Herbie Hancock, Ella Fitzgerald, Carla Bley, Mulatu Astatke, Count Basie and many others, all of whom have played Copenhagen Jazz Festival since the beginning in 1979.

The handling of these cards is super nice. In my experience the quality of MPC printing has improved a lot in recent years.
    No matter what — these cards are both smooth and good looking; real groovy stuff.

Use this deck for gameplay, cardistry or magic. Or just enjoy looking at the weird jazzy graphics.
    Do buy an extra deck to give away — you’ll love these cards so much you’ll want to share them with your friends.