Moon 65

Moon4 — Blue edition

Moon 65

Moon4 — Red edition

The fourth deck of Custom playing cards from Moon is printed by MPC on their M31 linen card stock with Beta playing card finish in a limited edition of 30 ‘Blue’ decks and 30 ‘Red’ ones.
   The tuck box is made of semi glossy and quite sturdy paper stock. This is a very limited edition, actually it is more a prototype than anything else. So all colours are standard, no gold anywhere. Maybe some day, though, that could be awesome.

The price includes shipping. This is a very limited edition, so I will be shipping all copies of the deck here from Moon.
   The decks are put for sale on November 9 2023.

This deck of cards was nominated for Portfolio 52’s Deck of the Year 2023 in the ‘Best Courts’ category, which is a great honour — especially given the fact that so few copies were produced.

As a playing cards enthusiast myself, I have some favorite decks of cards from different times and places. These decks are inspired by one of my absolute favorites. So much so that I call it a ‘remix’.
    Back in 1965 a great Polish graphic designer, Leo Urbanski, designed a deck of cards for the world championship in Bridge, that was going to take place in Warsaw the following year. That deck is among the most beautiful ones ever made.
    The deck is called ‘Coopexim’ and it was printed by KZWP in Krakow.
    So this is a remix, and it comes in two variants; one variant with a blue back and a white background for the courts, jokers and aces, and one variant with a red back and golden vines on the court cards, jokers and aces. 

The handling of these cards is surprisingly nice. In my experience the quality of MPC printing has improved a lot in recent years.
    Whatever it is — these cards are some of the best looking ones I’ve seen and felt myself.

Use these decks for gameplay, cardistry or magic — or keep them safe somewhere close, so that you can take them out once in a while and enjoy the beautiful colours and forms.
    I even recommend you buy an extra one to use as a gift — I am sure that you’ll love these cards so much you’ll want to share them with your friends or family.