This homepage was made
in the summer of 2021 and was last updated in November 2023.
   If you have any problems with anything here, please reach out via email or direct message on Instagram or Facebook. Also, I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

All prices include worldwide shipping.

I run everything myself, including shipping, stock overview, spelling in both Engilsh and Danish and so on. Some of the decks are in Gambler’s Warehouse in the US. Gambler’s provide fast and inexpensive shipping. Other decks are with me on Moon.
Sometimes you will have decks sent from Gambler’s and sometimes the decks come directly from Moon. 

— Contact

︎  Bakkehøjvej 2, DK-4792 Askeby, Møn, Denmark
︎  +45 40964500

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— Who is involved

Leo Scherfig, born in July ‘68, living in Askeby on Moon since 2018. Graduated from the Danish Design School in Copenhagen in 1996 and have been working with graphic design ever since. Check out for more info.   

Preferring low-tech solutions my main aim is to evoke feelings from form, to purvey an emotion rather than to illustrate or inform. It sounds somewhat abstract, and that’s what I call it: abstract communication.
    I have been working with graphic design for many years and have touched most of the different fields within the realms of visual communication. One area I have been especially fond of being involved with is typography design. It’s a dicipline with very strict rules both technically and communicatively, lots of different elements that have to interact and strengthen each other, repetition, testing, frustration and joy — and at the same time artistic freedom almost without limits.
    The closest thing to this process in my experience is designing a deck of playing cards.